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October 2022
March, 2020

Paper Sculpture: A Fresh Take on Cellular Animation.

Gritstone 02.png

T Cell Therapy 

Paper sculpture is not an obvious choice for a bio-medical animation, but the result is proving both distinctive and stunning. 


The Gritstone T Cell animation project was created in conjunction with Equisolve to promote and educate patients and cancer therapy professionals about Gritstone's pioneering T cell therapy Artificial Intelligence platform, Gritstone Edge.  <more> 




Cancer Support Platform

You know first-hand that cancer and cancer treatments are hard. Navigating the cancer journey is challenging. Thrivors™ is a digital health platform that addresses your needs in real-time with research-based tools.  <visit>


Real Estate Operations and Technology Integrators

Today’s top-performing Cannabis and Hemp businesses demand dynamic and integrated strategies that can proactively react to change by using reliable data to drive just-in-time decision making.  <visit>

April, 2019

Gravitation Gives a New Identity to an Emerging Event

Gravitation Gives A New Identity to an Emerging Event


Branding & Event Collateral 

10.10.10 is a non-profit organization that seeks to solve 10 wicked problems, tested through a 10 day event, with 10 proven CEOs. Gravitation created a distinctive event identity for the 10 day event in Denver, April 2019. This project included the event branding, handbook design and layout, website design, event banners, presentation decks, and program kickoff and big reveal finale opening videos. In addition to branding and event collateral, Gravitation had the opportunity to  <more>

Artboard 1.png


Color_Maestro Group Consulting Logo_72.p
August, 2019

Designing a training program for recognizing the signs of suicidal behavior


Training Presentation Design

CAMS-care came to us with a unique challenge - design a slide presentation for their proprietary training program that could hold the attention of a mixed audience, brought the specific techniques out in a way that captivates attention and promotes retention, and treats the subject of suicidal prevention with care and sensitivity. A heavy subject presented live to untrained audience, in a full-day session. The CAMS-care team developed their  <more>


A look into what Gravitation is working on right now.

CME Training Program

CCHAP 01.jpg

Physician training programs are not always designed with the needs of the patients they serve in mind. Gravitation is designing  <more> 

Hemp, A Growing Industry

waverly foster copy.jpg

Colorado is a prime hub for potential hemp growers. This website was designed to promote the Waverly Foster Farms and growers seminar.  <more> 


Infographics are a go-to bread & butter staple in our visual communications pantry. For websites, videos, presentations, data sheets, and bumperstickers, it’s hard for us not to find a key concept that would not be glorified by creating an infographic of it. Here's our run-down on the process of creating a visual idea.  <read the blog>


August, 2018

Creating an Identity System

The term "logo" doesn't quite cover the necessity of branding both a technology platform and its subsidiary programs. For InfinityQS,  <more>

August, 2018



Funding for guiding todays youth through the scouting program requires far more than selling cookies. The reality is that organizations like The Scouts relies on private donations for as much as 80% of operational costs. We believe that todays youth become tomorrows healthy and contributing adults not through funding, but through the guidance of dedicated mentors. The Scouts embodies this reality. But the needs  <more>

Electronic Brochure

A Presentation Challenge

PechaKucha, a Japanese storytelling format, where a presenter shows slides on a timed auto-advancing pace is an intimidating idea for anyone trying to give a pitch rich with details in a very restrictive time slot. The ten CEO's presenting at the grand finale event at the 10.10.10 conference were faced with this challenge. "Bring in your presentation at exactly two minutes." CEO Charles Sims presented he and his team's efforts on exploring a solution to track medical records from birth to old age, creating a single universal record that travels with a person for life. To accentuate the theme, Gravitation designed a bold and unique set of visuals, a progression of faces through age, gender, and ethnicity, as a backdrop to Charles's story of the value of consistent and accessible medical information.

May, 2018 
IQS series 02..jpg
IQS series 01.jpg
IQS series 04.jpg
IQS series 03.jpg

Software Stories Told with Conceptual Animations

The InfinityQS Quality Solution Software Series

With the marketing agency Refactored, Gravitation worked with a creative team of writers and project managers to create a series of animated product story videos for their client InfinityQS. In the series of four videos, we used animated vector graphics to illustrate the challenges quality control engineers face and how Enact software tools can take the operations and management of quality control to next-level solutions.  <more>

Covering the NASDAQ Stock Exchange with



Gravitation, with the digital media agency Equisolve, created a technology awareness animation for Scynexis for their unique investigational infectious fungal therapy. The goal was to create an animation for a very specific event opportunity, the big screen and marquee during Scynexis' opportunity to ring the opening bell on the NASDAQ floor. 

May, 2018 

LogiLube SmartLab Oil Sample Tracking Mobile App Design

Tracking compressor engine oil samples in the field has been an analog process, at risk of contamination and human error.  <more>

LogiLube SmartOil App

HACH/SUEZ Corporate Merger Event Animated Video

For our video production partner, Advanced Media, Gravitation created a motion graphic sequence used at the merger event as  <more>


LogiLube SmartLab Infographic

LogiLube specializes in oil analytics for large oil and utility companies. Their real-time oil sampling hardware and big data analytics  <more>


Seeing is Believing

Conceptual Product Rendering Can Make New Technology Real in the Eyes of Investors.  

01_new-brace_photo comp-C.png
produce renders 3.png

The Explainer Video Explained!

Brightscape Service Level Story

The explainer video has gotten a well deserved bad reputation lately as more and more build-your-own video service sites have produced an onslaught of quick and dirty look-alike clones. We have seen enough hands scribbling stock art and animated avatars lip syncing to cartoon customers to last us a lifetime. They scratch our video clicking itch, but ultimately leave us uninspired. To explain Gravitation's different approach, consider our process and solution for Brightscape, a financial planning firm wanting to explain their different approach, an organic development process and mixed-media solution.

Step 1

Define the qualities necessary 

In Brightscape's case, authenticity was critical to telling a service story that hinges on trust. Getting CEO Eric Weiss on camera, speaking without a script, as a real person and as the voice over track was essential. Secondary objectives included creating a look that was professional and simple to understand, but without talking down to the audience.

Step 2

Story development and editing

Story development can take many forms depending on a clients situation. For Brightscape, we were starting from scratch. We provided a questionnaire that helped our client define his main differentiators, that we turned into a guided interview style video shoot. The result was edited into what became the working script.

Step 3

Graphics and animation

With a working script in the form of a trimmed video interview, Gravitation then storyboarded conceptual graphics to give solidity to key concepts (and cover for multiple cuts necessary to tighten the live interview). Graphics were created with simplicity in mind, solid colors switching images with an emphasis on creative concept and clarity over visual noise.

April, 2019

3D: Alive And Well

Exhibition banner.png

Advanced Media / DataVerify Branding & Event Collateral 

Gravitation worked with Advanced Media to produce this unique theme and graphic identity for DataVerify's LoanSphere trade show roll-out. The project included illustration and design of booth banners, comic book-style hand-outs, and a ViewMaster giveaway, complete with illustrated promotional story — in 3D!  <more>



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