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Gravitation provides clients with the most creative,  compelling, on-target communication media possible and do it with economy, precision, integrity, and ingenuity. Our industry focus includes Medical Device, MedTech, Biotechnology, Mobile & Digital Health, Research & Education Institutions, and Information Technology. We help companies to creatively communicate their marketing, messaging, content, service and product stories to their investors, consumers, and potential buyers. 

gravitation  //  SERVICES


Branding / Web Design / Marketing Collateral

Gravitation creates distinctive original branding that both squarely defines our clients in their audience's mind as well as sets them apart from the pack. From corporate identity to web design, we deliver unique and consistent design for your brand.

Corporate Identity
Product Identity
Re-branding Strategy

Web Design

Corporate Templates

Product Sheets
Program Identity

Event Identity

Software & Hardware Branding
Packaging Design

UI Protoyping & Design


Video / Animation / Motion Graphics

Storytelling at its best. Gravitation blends sound, video, titles, motion graphics, animation and music to create an experience. Animated graphics composited with video or as stand-alone titles, infographics, break-out sequences, or entire concept production. We provide the right solution needed to guide the audience, service the story, and create an experience.

Video Production
3D & 2D Animation
Animated Graphics
Presentation Videos

Product Videos 

Corporate Videos 

Tradeshow Videos
Infographic Overviews


Presentation & Investor Pitch Development

Gravitation designs custom corporate templates to pitch decks that represent your brand, product and service story. We design presentations to service the presenter and the brand through content development, great design, captivating visuals, and clear information. 

Custom Templates
Presentation Organization
Slide Deck Refresh
Pitch Development
Story Crafting
Mission & Vision

Presentations for Curriculums

Learning Module Systems 

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