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LogiLube  //  Chain-of-Custody, Real-Time Oil Monitoring, SmartLab™ Waterfall

LogiLube specializes in oil analytics for large oil and utility companies. Their real-time oil sampling hardware and big data analytics platform does not analyze oil in production, but the oil used to lubricate industrial engines and compressors that move oil in production through pipelines from field sites to refineries. Downtime for these engines can mean the loss of millions of dollars in revenue, making predictive analytics for equipment reliability a critical component. LogiLube needed a consistent, clear and compelling set of visuals to represent their service story, including their Oil Sampling Analytics approach, their Big Data Network security platform, and their Chain-of-Custody procedure for insuring bulletproof analytics and reporting that transforms traditional oil analytics lab testing. These graphics are used across their communications literature and are in production for animated video variations.

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