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Gritstone  //  T cell Therapy Animation

The Gritstone T cell Animation project was created in conjunction with Equisolve to promote and educate patients and cancer therapy professionals about Gritstone's pioneering T cell therapy Artificial Intelligence platform, Gritstone Edge. The objective was to both familiarize patients about T cell therapy, and introduce a promising new development that increases the efficacy of current T cell therapies. The challenge in communicating bio-science to a wide audience is always in keeping the story at a level that is complex enough to be authentic, and simple enough to be understood. In addition, the solution has to be appealing in tone and visual design, a particular challenge on the subject of cancer and the realm of cellular biology. Secondary objectives included creating an animation that stood out

amongst the crowd of 3D animated cellular animations.

Matt Faye, Gravitation — Creative Director

Glenn Kesner, Equisolve — Executive Producer

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