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Gravitation’s mission is simple: Provide clients with the most creative, compelling, on-target communication media possible and do it with economy, precision, integrity, and ingenuity. In loftier terms, it means we gravitate toward the point where objectives, demand, creativity, budget realities, and communication opportunities converge. That’s the sweet spot we strive for.

gravitation  //  ABOUT

Founded by Fort Collins-based Creative Director Matt Faye, Gravitation is a select handful of professionals uniquely qualified to solve today’s health, science, and technical communication challenges. Gravitation and its team represent the best talent in the business, ready to take on projects of any size or complexity. Gravitation’s focus on understanding our client’s business or product story results in creative solutions that make their story accessible and compelling to their audience.
Projects include presentations, web site and content development, software service story videos and animation, product literature, device demonstrations and training videos, corporate & program identity, and trade show identity and collateral, motion graphics, product conceptual visualizations, mobile applications, and all forms of digital and print media. By working directly with our creative team, every project gets a “needs-driven” solution that is right for your customer, audience and objectives.
For us and our clients, it's the best of all worlds. Talent and experience specific to your challenges, and processes that value collaboration, honesty and accountability. We love what we do. And even more remarkably, we love what you do.


Contact us to find out if Gravitation is the right solution for your next project.

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