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Event Branding / Program Design
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Artboard 1.png

10.10.10 is a non-profit organization that seeks to solve 10 wicked problems, tested through a 10 day event, with 10 proven CEOs. Gravitation created a distinctive event identity for the 10 day event in Denver, April 2019. This project included the event branding, handbook design and layout, website design, event banners, presentation decks, and program kickoff and big reveal finale opening videos. In addition to branding and event collateral, Gravitation had the opportunity to work with the 10 CEO's and their team members on crafting their individual "Big Reveal" event presentations. Gravitation donated 75% of their project time and efforts to the 10.10.10 organization. Learn more about 10.10.10 at

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Event Opening Video Title Transition
Event Branding / Website Design
Presentation Design
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