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Gravitation is a coalescing of design, animation, video, and content development professionals focused on health, science, and technical visual communications. Projects include Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Patient Education, Industrial, Healthcare, Corporate & Product Identity, and Service Level stories told with animation, motion graphics, web solutions, product conceptual visualization, application design, and program development. Clients include startups, agencies, corporations, and individuals alike.

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Gravitation is as old as the universe.


It is the force that compels all elements to reach a perfect equilibrium, balance, and harmony. They reach this point only in relationship to each other. Together, they create a force greater than the sum of their parts.

We don't win awards*
our clients do.

Green Sun Medical

2016 MedTech Innovator Winner


Green Sun Medical

5th Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Symposium Winner


Green Sun Medical

SXSW 2018 Pediatric Device Winner


Eximis Surgical

MedTech Innovator WSGR Value Award



2017 Execution Award at The MedTech Conference

* No guarantees. Sometimes we do win awards.

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