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A New Event Mindset

Creating and hosting events in the time of social distancing requires adapting past norms to new technologies. The following development guide is intended to help plan, produce, and facilitate events that transform attending online events from viewership to participation. It starts with creating a checklist of objectives born from your live event experiences.

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Step One — Set Objectives

Start by imagining your last event, every activity, interaction, company objective, and attendee objective. List them and desired outcomes. Not the practical event conventionalities, but the reason those elements were part of the event. For instance, if you held a coffee and danish table open 30 minutes before your event, the objective was not to feed your attendees coffee and danishes, it was to give attendees a chance to meet fellow attendees, warm up to sharing an experience together, and to transition their frame of mind from home, office and traffic, to "I am here and ready". 

Online Event Objectives and Planning Checklist

This form to guide planning or send the results to Gravitation to facilitate a project planning meeting.


Are your attendees invite only or open registration?

How many attendees
do you expect?

What type of event are you planning?

Describe secondary objectives, audiences, and multiple presentation types 

How many people will be presenting or leading discussions? 


What types of media would they normally use during an event?

What kind of live demonstrations or activities would normally be used?

Attendee Interactions

What forms of interaction are typical for your event?

What form of networking activities are typical for your event?

Your email address

Submit this form to Gravitation and receive a copy report 

Thanks for sending this form to Gravitation. We will forward you a copy and reach out soon for a planning session.

Online Event Planning

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