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LogiLube  //  SmartOil™ & SmartLab™ branding, packaging, environmental graphics

Oil samples are pulled from the crank cases of industrial engines and compressors responsible for moving oil through pipelines across the country. Samples are sent to labs to analyze properties that could give valuable data to avoid costly engine failure and downtime.

LogiLube’s SmartOil™ service raises the reliability bar and analytical power of this process by creating an end-to-end, chain-of-custody process that includes oil sample kits, tracking mechanisms, and custom applications for reporting and tracking. LogiLube needed a packaging solution that not only functioned as an oil sample collection kit and tracking protocol, but also as an impressive marketing awareness tool. Gravitation created packaging graphics that are functional and promote the service story and reporting dynamics of the product. Gravitation also developed the tagline and graphic “the DNA of machine reliability” – which became the corporate tagline incorporated on their website and all customer-facing materials.

LogiLube SmartOil Packaging
LogiLube SmartOil
LogiLube SmartOil
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