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Green Sun Medical  //  Investor slide deck, video, and animation

Green Sun Medical needed to connect to potential investors in a way that both told their product opportunity story in a compelling way and presented their company and concept as a credible investment opportunity. A video with animation was the best solution for this in that it is easy to share, carries a consistent message, and conveys the story quickly in a compelling and understandable way. Animation was an essential component of the project for its ability to demonstrate the complexity of a scoliotic spine curve, as well as demonstrate the forces necessary to treat the condition. Using interviews from leading surgeons creates an authentic narrative and establishes Green Sun as a treatment solution supported by experts in the field.

Investor Presentation
Green Sun Medical slide design
Investor Video

On the strength of a compelling product story, Green Sun’s dynamic CEO, Jamie Haggard, and Gravitation’s creative and on-target visuals (presentation deck, video, animation, and product visualizations), Green Sun took first prize at the AdvaMed 2016 MedTech Innovator Awards and received 225,000 in prize money to fuel further development and engineering. Gravitation is proud to have developed Green Sun’s brand and visuals from it’s inception.

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