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Equisolve //  Scynexis NASDAQ Animation

Gravitation, with our digital media agency partner Equisolve, created a technology awareness animation for Scynexis for their unique investigational infectious fungal therapy. Scynexis delivers innovative anti-infective therapies for difficult-to-treat and often life-threatening infections. The goal was to create an animation for a very specific event opportunity, the big screen and marquee during Scynexis' opportunity to ring the opening bell on the NASDAQ floor. The animation used the unique board design, wrapped around the cylindrical corner of the NASDAQ building, to simulate the surface of the building being consumed by, and being cured of, an invasion of microbes and pathogens. The animation concept was then re-purposed for their home page banner, showing their website being invaded. 

Client/project Management, Creative Director: Glenn Kesner, Equisolve

Project Management, Animation, Concept, Art Direction: Gravitation

NASDAQ Bell Ceremonies Tower Screen
NASDAQ Marketsite Marquee Screen
Scynexis Website Banner Animation (screen shot)
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