The range of Gravitation's work includes Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Patient Education, Industrial, Healthcare, Corporate & Product Identity, and Service Level stories. In common, technical stories told with creativity and tailored to the audience, using animation, motion graphics, web solutions, video, and all forms of print and digital media. What we focus on is just as much defined by what we don't focus: food, pets, fashion, sports, entertainment industry, or consumer products dependent on appeal over substance. We take on complex communication challenges and deliver clear, compelling product and service stories.

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Boy Scouts Brochure
St. Renatus Website Design
St. Renatus Program Identity
Green Sun Investor Media
LogiLube Branding
Hach Service Story Animation
InfinityQS Software Animations
Hach Partnership Animation
St. Renatus Training Video
Eximis Investor Media
Apollonia Product Presentation
InfinityQS Software Branding
LogiLube Tradeshow Graphics
Green Sun Branding
LogiLube Concept Infographics
LogiLube Service Presentation
Nanowear Presentation
LogiLube Mobile Field App
St. Renatus Product Intro Website
Green Sun Concept Illustration
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